Haug Partners

Creating a brand for a pioneering law firm.

Haug Partners is greatly admired for winning intellectual property challenges that have often involved market — and even life-shaping innovations. However, despite its outstanding reputation, the firm has not been immune to growing competitive and business pressures. Recognizing the vital importance of its brand, Haug Partners engaged O+CO to help leverage its reputation and build a platform to support its expansion and growth. Analysis laid the groundwork for a comprehensive revision that included changing the firm’s original name from Frommer Lawrence and Haug (FLH) to simply Haug Partners. We designed a new identity to express a bold and modern persona, and we developed an integrated marketing program that projects Haug Partners’ assertive vision as a firm that pioneers law for innovators.


“Although we had a growth strategy, we needed to find a way to convey our plans for the future. O+CO helped us look at and think of ourselves in a bold and original way by focusing on our approach and telling a compelling story of how ‘we see things differently’. They identified a powerful narrative that is helping us move Haug Partners into a new era.”

“We recognized the need to adjust or change our firm’s name, but we also understood that our hard-won reputation and legacy needed to be preserved and carried forward. O+CO helped us plan and execute this sensitive transition seamlessly. The new Haug Partners identity is bold, confident, and elegant. It truly expresses the values and qualities that represent both what we strive for as a firm, as well as the work we do for our clients.”


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