Earthwatch Institute

Explaining a conservation strategy for tomorrow.

O+CO developed the first international annual report for the Earthwatch Institute. As one of the world’s largest sponsors of private environmental research, Earthwatch has supported over 1,400 field programs since 1971. The report articulates the organization’s vision and strategy for the decade ahead. It also explains how its conservation model addresses some of the extraordinary global challenges of our time, including climate change, degradation of natural resources, oceanic decline, and the loss of indigenous cultures. The Earthwatch strategy, together with the message and imagery that we developed, emphasizes the notion of building connections through personal involvement — an aspect that is critical to the sustainability equation for the future.


“…this piece is, without doubt, the single most important presentation we’ve ever produced as an international organization. That said, the story it tells is only the beginning, as Earthwatch Institute truly becomes Earthwatch International later this year.”


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