World Kitchen

Configuring a tidy portfolio of cookware brands.

World Kitchen—the owner of Corelle, Corningware, Pyrex, Revere, and other leading household brands—asked O+CO to help reposition its valuable trove into a coherent portfolio. The solution configured these brands according to the way people actually use cookware: as a network of tools with specific functions and benefits. We crafted evocative propositions for each line, focusing precise platforms that gained expression through package and display design, marketing and promotion, as well as new product development. The rearrangement around user needs also brings greater brand efficiency to World Kitchen.


“With a variety of newly acquired brands, World Kitchen needed to differentiate its brands from competitors and from each other. The brand positionings and image platforms OH&CO created are helping differentiate our brands not only by guiding marketing efforts, but by driving product development as well.”

“World Kitchen has evolved from a company with no cutlery lines to one with three major U.S. brands in the course of a year. With its own line of Revere branded cutlery, the company has set the stage for all three brands with all-new product introductions and marketing plans.”